Whether you want to land a job in a successful business or start your own, the BSB50215 Diploma of Business will help you gain the knowledge you need to make a mark on any business.

This course has been specifically designed to equip you with the necessary skills to start, run or manage any business. You’ll learn how to manage meetings, lead projects and understand marketing and HR.

And because your success is our success, we’ll make sure we’re with you every step of the way while you lay the foundations for your career.

You’ll learn to:

Run and coordinate meetings Plan workforce growth Lead projects Carry out recruitment, selection and staff induction Understand the marketing mix and drive marketing activities Implement e-marketing communications

Career opportunities:


Administrators carry out and oversee administrative tasks to ensure an organisation runs smoothly. They may have specific areas of responsibility – such as human resources, budgets, accommodation and property facilities and records – or act in a more general capacity.

Business Development Manager

Business Development Managers implement and assist with the development of business plans. They manage business activities associated with identifying new markets and sources of revenue, and build and maintain business relationships in line with company strategies and objectives.

Business Sales Team Leader

Business Sales Team Leaders lead teams of Sales Agents to develop and implement strategies which increase a business’ sales. They identify customer needs and markets, visit potential buyers, keep up-to-date with knowledge of their own and competitors’ products, liaise with sales and marketing personnel, negotiate prices, prepare contracts and record orders, work on marketing campaigns, and plan strategies to meet targets and budgets.

Corporate Services Manager

Corporate Services Managers oversee the provision and running of corporate services. They coordinate services such as human resources, supply and facilities management, and IT. They ensure all necessary corporate services are delivered to the expected standard, and that they cover the needs of the business.

Executive Officer

Executive Officers provide high-level support to officials in government or other organisations. They manage teams and offices, conduct research, manage presentations and meetings, and create reports.

Legal Practice Manager

Legal Practice Managers oversee the business operations of a legal practice. They manage personnel and administrative systems; identify new business opportunities; and manage accounts, records, and physical resources such as office spaces.

Project Consultant

Project Consultants provide specialist-field knowledge to project management. They assist with all stages of the project, from planning to implementation.

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinators administer and implement project activities. They liaise with management and carry out recommendations; direct employees and teams; handle queries; prepare reports; oversee the gathering of project information; review and develop administrative systems; plan budgets and monitor costs; and determine project requirements

BSB50215 Diploma of Business

Our Diploma of Business has 8 units structured into 3 major clusters of learning. Each cluster contains units grouped into core study areas that are covered during the 8-month qualification. The units within each cluster are outlined in the table below.

The Student entry procedure.

Cluster 1
Unit Code Unit Name
BSBADM502 Manage meetings
BSBLDR504 Implement diversity in the workplace
Cluster 2
Unit Code Unit Name
BSBPMG522 Undertake project work
BSBRSK501 Manage risk
BSBHRM506 Manage recruitment selection and induction processes
Cluster 3
Unit Code Unit Name
BSBHRM513 Manage workforce planning
BSBMKG523 Design and develop an integrated marketing communication plan
BSBFIM501 Manage budgets and financial plans

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Eligibility Requirements

All students must be at least 17 years of age and need to have a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or be able to demonstrate competency in an approved ‘Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills’ assessment.

What happens next?

Here’s what you can expect after you’ve applied.

  1. A course advisor will call to chat about your course and set up a time for you to come in and get started.
  2. Your first day in campus! You will attend an information session and complete a Pre-Enrolment Checklist and Pre-Enrolment Profile. If you don’t have an Australian grade 12 certificate we will ask you to complete an additional Literacy and Numeracy exercise.
  3. We will have you back for a Kick Start Workshop, to get started in the course and meet others who will be studying with you. If all your documentation is in order you will then be enrolled and ready to start studying!
  4. 48 hours after enrolment (business days) you will get an email confirming your identity and access to a VET FEE-HELP application form. If you are hoping to use VET FEE-HELP you will need to complete this form, make sure you have your Tax File Number close by when you complete it.

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