Learning Support

Access to learning and support systems

As an Evocca student, you’ll get unlimited access to our Mystudydesk interactive learning site. Mystudydesk contains all of your course needs along with a huge range of additional learning resources in our online library.

Many of our courses also give you the opportunity to access and explore world renowned programs ensuring that your skills are industry relevant and up-to-date upon completion of your course.

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Learning Model

When it comes to learning, everyone is different. Do you prefer reading, listening, visual or more hands on, one-on-one learning? Do you prefer to study within business hours, in the evenings or even on the weekends?

At Evocca College we work with you to understand how you like to study and learn. Your individually tailored study plan will ensure that you have access to learning experiences that suit your study needs. We’ll also assist you to develop greater literacy and academic writing skills through personalised sessions with our dedicated learning coaches. Your course resources will be provided in a wide range of formats where possible and you will have access to tutors after hours or on weekends if business hours don’t suit your lifestyle and commitments.

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Career Pathway Program

Understanding what employers are looking for and how they will evaluate your suitability for a particular position is crucial.

The Career Pathway Program will help you to prepare for the workforce by working with you to build the skills and confidence you need, ensuring you have the best opportunity of attaining your dream job.

We will assist you to:

  • Understand your own strengths and natural attributes through participation in the renowned ProScan profiling program. This exclusive program will help you to develop your personal and professional goals and learn how to confidently communicate in an interview, with work colleagues and throughout your working life
  • Get noticed and gain the interview that you want by assisting you to prepare a professional resume and winning cover letter
  • Plan for your future through identifying the employability skills that you need for your dream role and then mapping a strategy for you to develop the skills that you need
  • Promote yourself through self-marketing, giving you confidence and tips on how to approach companies directly
  • Interview with confidence by understanding how to prepare for your interview and dress for success.
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Evocca may be the only step that you need to take to launch your successful career or it may just be the first step in your learning journey.

If you want to further your education at university, Evocca could be just the path for you. Evocca has partnerships with many of Australia’s leading universities meaning that you may already have a direct pathway with recognised credits towards your university degree when you have completed your diploma. Most Evocca qualifications have a variety articulation options available.

Benefits for you:

  • Direct entry to a wide range of Australia’s top rated universities
  • Dedicated support to assist you through entrance and admission procedures
  • A wide range of course options
  • Access to university preparation courses
  • Access to university information sessions delivered to our Evocca campuses
  • VET Credit Transfer Agreements are just one of the pathways we have created for you, to make furthering your education easier. You may be eligible for credit for up to 18 months (for advanced diplomas) and 12 months (for diplomas) off your university degree. Even if the university you want to attend isn’t listed, you may still be eligible for credit.


The Career Pathways Team provide a tailored approach to finding students employment in an industry that best suits their needs. Whether it be some part-time or casual work to help pay the bills while studying or transitioning to a full-time career on completion of training the Career Pathways Team can help.

With hundreds of local, national and international employers available to us across the country we are able to help students find the ideal employment outcome.

The Career Pathways Team not only provide a solid foundation of job preparation training to our students they work closely with students to match them to employers and can get the ball rolling by searching for specific positions to suit your new skills.

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