Our Stories

Success Stories

We’re incredibly proud of our students’ success. But, more importantly, Evocca graduates are proud of themselves.

That’s because studying at Evocca gives you the confidence you need to tackle life’s big challenges and build a successful career.

Each student is different but what is the same is how Evocca has been the first step for them changing their lives.

Here are a few of our different student success stories.

Racheal's Story

Dual Business & Management Graduate
Terri Ann's Story

Business Graduate

Lina's Story

Travel & Tourism Graduate

Wayne's Story

Community Services Graduate

David's Story

IT & Multimedia Graduate

Brandon's Story

Web Development Graduate

Sabina's Story

Community Services Graduate

Jac's Story

Digital & Interactive Games Graduate

Not just an educational institution - we're part of your community.

Life as a Student

Evocca isn’t just an educational institution; it’s part of the community. You will meet like-minded people and make long-lasting friendships as you realise your potential.

From the moment you get ready you know things are different, no worrying about a timetable because you choose the hours you want to study. Not looking forward to carrying a bag of textbooks with you to the city? Our resources are available online, so there aren’t many textbooks and our colleges are located in the suburbs where our students live.

When you walk into the college you will know this is not like any other colleges you have been to. No crowded lectures, no long PowerPoint presentation and no getting lost. You will have your own personal tutors to work with you one-on-one, attend small workshops with new friends and have everything available to you in just one location.

Don’t have a computer? No problem, laptops and computer access are available on campus, with wireless internet and you can print what you need without any cost.

At Evocca, we do everything we can to make sure you enjoy your studies, you complete your course on time and be given the skills you need to find the career or university pathway you are looking for.

It's time to let go of the things that hold you back. Imagine something better for yourself.

Your Story Begins Here

Evocca is a great place to start your next chapter and start making plans for your future. You will be surrounded by people who believe in you and encourage you to be the best you can be. If you’re ready to get inspired and dream bigger for yourself, we will show you how to make your dreams a reality.

Not sure how to get started? Just apply now for a course and we will call you to talk you through it.